mike wazowski taught me more than school ever did //

OH GOD I DIDNT REALIZE HOW CHEAP MOST HOSTELS ARE…….. hostels in paris are like 3 or 4 times more expensive……………………..

kimjimwoo replied to your post: have any of you guys ever stayed in ho…

i stayed in 2 different hostels when i was in japan and they were rllllly nice but it might b different where ur going idk………

really omg did you stay in ones with like big dorms w/ 10 ppl or did u have ur own room? 

have any of you guys ever stayed in hostels while traveling? my friends and i might be going to paris for a few days over summer and staying in a hostel seems like the best idea 

bananamix ♡ do not edit.

bananamix ♡ do not edit.

kpop fun fact


Kim Hansol from Topp Dogg is the first openly juggalo kpop idol

jackson lookws sog ood in that gif i need to catch my breath


meexcept warm brown skin


except warm brown skin



"내 김밥"


140919 YHY’s Sketchbook - 공허해  Mino

41-year old, Li Bingbing!

41-year old, Li Bingbing!



i luv jackson

some of u may have mistakenly thought ths textpost is about jackson wang from got7…….but ur wrong…..i love jackson galaxy cat behavioristimage

What the dog doin